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What it means to enroll in a Suzuki program

I met Dr. Suzuki over thirty years ago. Applying his principals to the guitar has been an extremely rewarding and exciting experience. I have had the opportunity to be a part of hundreds of children’s lives and played a role in their musical and personal growth. Through the years I have studied ways to better serve the families and to create effective means to meet the high ideals of Dr. Suzuki and, as well as I am able, to uncompromisingly maintain the highest educational and artistic standards.

As a result we have implemented a Parent Education Program in order to better prepare and support parents in their role as the home teacher of their children. The benefits of adopting this approach are numerous and profound. Parents tell me that they have found far–reaching influence on the quality of the relationship with their children. It seems that to become the best teacher we can be, we also become the best person we can be. As teachers to our children we have the opportunity to develop such qualities as patience, empathy, understanding and persistence. By developing the intimate relationship necessary to becoming a successful home teacher, parents learn to help their children to overcome cognitive challenges as well as to develop trust, confidence and an appreciation for learning. And all of this is done in the context of mastering the beautiful music of the guitar as we strive to exemplify what Dr. Suzuki means when he affirms that...

Where Love is deep, much can be accomplished.

It is my hope that you take this opportunity that has been presented to you to learn more about our program and to seriously consider the Suzuki approach as it is applied to this noble and expressive instrument.

— Frank Longay  

Parents honing their skills as part of part of their participation in the parent education program.

Enrollment as a Suzuki Student

The major ingredient for the success of the Suzuki approach is the emphasis on parent education. Each child’s musical journey is strongly supported by a knowledgeable and loving home teacher who is well prepared to guide the child through the challenge of learning the instrument.

It gives us pleasure to invite you to learn about the Suzuki approach to the Guitar and what it means to enroll in our program. The purpose of this introductory meeting will be to determine if enrolling with LCG is right for your family.

The topics we will discuss will include :

There are two ways to do this...


Plan to attend the next open house

Our next Open House will take place on Saturday March 5, 2011 at 12:00 NOON for enrollment in the next Parent Education session which will begin in March.

Each open house features a short performance by students from the conservatory!

RSVP : Please let us know if you will be attending the Open House by phone, (408)343–0933 or by email, If you are unable to attend but would still like to be a part of the March session, please feel free to contact us to arrange a private consultation. Again, remember that enrollment is limited and is on a first–come basis.

Feel free to download your Open House invitation in pdf for future reference.


Call to arrange a consultation at (408)343–0933

There is still time to enroll in the next Parent Education Session!

During this time we will meet with you and perhaps one or more other interested parents. Arranging this meeting will be necessary in order to enroll in the next parent education session which will begin in March. Enrollment is limited and is on a first–come basis.

Both the Consultations and the Open House will take place at the

Longay Conservatory of Guitar
Great America Technology Park
4701 Patrick Henry Drive, Building 9
Santa Clara, California

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Kim Buller, Administrative Director

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